April, FOOLS!

TODAY: Our partner work down on the banks of the Charles River this morning was pretty solid. To wrap that up and head right into an all out 7 minutes of max burpies put most of us, myself included, running pretty slow on the way home. Please keep an eye on your number for this 7 mins all out that we call a SEBASTIAN. Your SEBASTIAN score should get higher and higher the more you continue to add to your fitness.

WEDNESDAY: We will meet at the Harvard Stadium for a classic 6:30AM start. For those of you who would like to join Bojan and I for the 5:30AM start* please do. The announcement around what the 6:30AM workout will be will come in the next 30 hours – Prepare to work hard. *5:30AM is guaranteed to be on the stadium stairs.

MARCH SHOES: Don’t ask, they’re on their way. New Balance is a local hero and awesome for making this happen. Thanks again NB!

GOALS: Why are you training? Are you trying to get ready for a specific race? Are you trying to meet new people? Are you training with NP because you want to lose weight? Whatever your reason for training with us at November Project, we want to know. Prepare your answers for a share-all post coming in the near future. I can say that Bojan is training for the Timberman 1/2 Ironman and a “six pack by July.” I am training to put a few running PR’s on the books before the fall (5K, 10K, & 1st Ultra). We’ll be gathering the specifics for all goals shortly so please begin to put your goals on paper, e-paper, or simply brain storage.

Simple shot of USA Olympian (LONDON 2012) Will Miller warming up before he goes boat rowing. Though his 4th place finish last summer was solid, Will gains most of his street cred by having raced with Bojan and BG back in the day at NU rowing. In recent years his arms have become thicker and his smile has become even more irresistible. Boston misses you, Pojo misses you, keep training hard brother.

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