We like football but we LOVE Harvard Football @Nov_Project

Head Coach Tim Murphy and his entire staff are beyond cool for giving November Project members the nod to continue training on Wednesday mornings at Harvard. We put the “ninja silence” code into effect this morning and were inspired to train along side The Crimson in complete silence. I think many of us were feeding off Coach Murphy’s practice and were trying to strut our speed all at the same time.

As you do the next few layers of homework on Coach Murphy you’ll easily see an amazing coach, a persistant leader, and a well rounded person with amazing eye for future talent & future winning seasons. He and his staff seem like the type that would meet us one morning at 6:30AM to train for FREE if they weren’t busy training the Crimson. Consider that an open invite coaches… we #Rise&Shine Monday, Wednesday, & Friday in different locations all over town. Thank you for your support!

While we focused on crushing FrogMan1 (or other scalable versions of it) in complete silence, 9 people decided to double that order and go for a century ride or as they called it #Hawkeye100. As the tribe continues to grow, we love seeing these types of inspiring adventures that keep pushing limits of our physical abilities. Great job Eddie, Derrick, Erica, Matt, Sebastian, Fighter Jet, Jess, Alan and Clint (not in the picture)!

We’ll see you on Friday! Remember that Chris Marshall rule is in effect. Park your vehicles at the bottom of the hill and jog to the meeting spot at the top. #HumpDayEarned

Dan Graham & his people train on hills.
It remains colder in WI than it is in MA.
They eat bagels.

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