April Fools Showers bring wet Tribe Members (LAX)

You actually thought we weren’t going to do anything? On this the 1st of April, the day of fools’ing, and you seriously thought we were gonna have a normal day without mention of it? “But we played two truths and a lie! I thought that was it!” No, young grasshoppers, that was only the beginning.

Flash back to 5:30 am, when a plan is born. Take two buckets, fill them with water, lift and carry them from point A to point B. Badass strength workout, or a piece of something bigger? We had dreams, dreams that would eventually come to fruition.


Then came the 6:30 crew. We bounced around a bunny like Rafiki was holding up a newborn Simba to the animal kingdom. We burpeed through two truths and a lie where a wrong guess meant even more burpees. We broke into partner circuits, running either to the bowl’s Highland tunnel entrance or the top of our “concession hill” with push ups, (more) burpees, V-ups, or squats with a partner in the middle. Sweat, hugs, and a picture to cap it all off… the usual, right? They had no idea what was coming next:


April Fools: accomplished. If you can’t practice #weatherproof, we go for the next best thing: #waterproof.


FRIDAY: Runyon Canyon Park, Fuller Ave entrance, 6:27 am. GET  THERE EARLY AND CARPOOL. Parking can be a *bleep* in the *bleep*.


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