And with that…(YEG)

January 2016 Bridge Month is a wrap!

I hope that the three previous Mondays warmed you up for today’s bridge deck sprint intervals. The high level bridge never feels that long when I drive it, although when its 5pm and the traffic is bumper to bumper, I’m pretty sure we could all get across it on our own fuel much faster then the drivers frustrated in their vehicles!

The cool think about having 4 leaders all show up on the same morning is that impromptu planning happens. While Tyler was moving a little slower then usual today, he must have been itching to race the bridge but the art work that was forever etched on his side prevented him from demonstrating speedy prowess, he missed out on the trio of leaders determining today’s final burn out challenge. A few early suggestions were vetoed…2 minute plank hold – NO, 2 minutes plank hold-plank jack-plank hold – NO, and then then winner was settled on…wall sit, squat hold (I took it upon myself to add the “sparkle”…duck walk to the centre + high 10.  Hope your legs feel great today and remind yourself that it totally worth it to see the smiles on the cyclists faces as the rode passed wondering who these crazies were out this early on a Monday morning.

To send January out in style plan to #justshowup:

Wednesday – 28:19 Day Royal Glenora Stairs 6AM (aka “Race day”, “Set Your Baseline day” for first timers to a 28:19 day, “Battle for Abe’s Hat and T-shirt day”)

Friday – Walterdale Hill 6AM

Upcoming in February

NP Social “Tribes of the November Project World” – Sunday, Feb 21

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