Neon Ninjas and Smile Therapy

You know what’s a really good Patriots-Hangover-Cure? November Project. Waking up this morning was rough. Immediate reminders of the Pats loss streamed across my phone as I got ready. It made me want to crawl back into bed and see if I could wake up in a world that we made that 2-pt conversion and were headed to the Super Bowl. But I didn’t. I knew better than to dwell on the past. I knew the best thing to do was get back in the rhythm, and back on the horse. Boy was I right.

This morning was full of NP ninjas flashing neon, smiles, and spandex. We took over that park-bench-residential-area in the stealthiest of ways, and for a minute there, I forgot all about football. NP has a way of doing that, a way of taking your mind off thoughts weighing you down and focusing on the task at hand. When the workout is hard you don’t have any other option. When you surround yourself with a boat load of some of the greatest humans in Boston everything else seems to disappear. It’s important to stick to a schedule, and not let the drama of life weigh you down. Whether it’s something as trivial as your team losing, or something much more significant, I urge you to show up, throw down, and indulge in tribe-wide-healing. Just forget about it for awhile. The only way we know how. NP-style. With hugs, fuck-yeahs, and weird leg-lift-whale-breaching-hip-back-butt-strengtheners (dafuq were those?!). There’s always next year for the Patriots, and always Wednesday for us. We’ll see you there.

Much Love,
– Chris

SHOVEL CREW: Tuesday night. Harvard Stadium. 6pm-830. Show up for any or all of it. Bring a shovel. Bring a buddy. Bring your mom!

BUFF NOTES: Wednesday last call for pre-orders. Friday we start dishin’ em out.
From Ryan: Distribution will continue on Wednesday for those that pre-paid and those that pre-ordered and want to pay with cash. NOTE: If you have yet to pay for your buffs, they will only be reserved until Wednesday’s workout. Once I leave the stadium, any unpaid for buffs will be become available for purchase by others at Friday’s workout! Don’t be that person who is surprised when we sold your buff to someone else! Outstanding list is here:


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