Ambitionz Az a Ridah

Today we met 10+ people we have never met before–um, FUCK YEAH! The Tribe is strong and only getting stronger.  For the workout entailed of three 10-minute segments w/ stations (spice). We broke the Tribe into three very good-looking groups and we rotated the groups between the three courses. Rest between segments was minimal because we’re hardcore. OBVI!

But on a serious note, our tribe battled the unexpected.  #TRAVERBALS to Christina who not only stopped by NP San Fran this morning, but also #bringafriend. Also  big props to Brelyn, who missed our workout because of a late train but still is doing the workout on her own today so she does not fall behind the tribe.  Our tribe is strong.

1) Right Loop + Step Ups + Dips
2) Grotto Full Loop + Planks + Push Ups
3) Left Loop + Lunges + Burpees

Paul’s Jammy-Pack was of course pumping the jams. Smiles and high-five were aplenty! We woke up the beautiful sun once AGAIN!

P.S.- Remember your homework.

Overachiever Leanne

NEXT WEEK: 6:28 a.m. Gracie Mansion.  Look forward to seeing ALL of you there.


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