The MSN Band plays “Into Spring”

What do a cowbell, vuvuzela and whistle have in common?

By 7:15am the tribe hated all three.  The hill  dashing tribe was interrupted often and super randomly by the sounds of the MSN band.  PB rocked the vuvuzela, signaling rowboat abs.  Jeff Morris jammed on the cowbell for Hoisties.  And when Teddy T hit the whistle the crowd went wild with pushups.   The recurring groans and cursing of 60-some audience completed this morning’s MSN quartet.

Although the tribe may have been relieved when the Band finally shut the fuck up, as the workout played towards its close smiles, giggles and dancing became more animated than ever.  Spring seemed to arrive in a matter of minutes. The boom box sounded crisper, the sky was bluer, the grass gone from frosty to wet, and a by a few moments after 7:00 a goofy synergy swirled through the last rounds rowboats, Hoisties and pushups as we realized – our days could not get any better.  You will be desk dreaming of that vuvuzela all day long.

NP-blue sky

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