All the Way!

Yes. Today we went all the way. Not some 1st base BS but I’m talking full on down and dirty! We blasted those sweaty beats and the tribe responded well pushing themselves harder than I have ever seen them push before. I always come to on Wednesday excited to see what sort of madness will ensue. To see the progression of every individual is beyond astounding. Physically you have all raised into the badass scale but as people you all are just GRRRRRRREAT (as Tony the Tiger would say).

I’ll admit NP can seem culty. But that does not matter to me when I realize the good in everyone that comes. Cue sip of Kool-Aid. The bond is growing closer and each and everyone of you are making each other’s mornings  worth it. They are filled with more stuff that this city needs. I see the smiles on your faces and can’t help but grin ear to ear. With our wild dance battles, cheer tunnels and support for one another, we really are creating foundations that will soon spread across this city. Wednesday mornings do not just stop at 7:30am but they spread for the entire rest of the day. Hell, they spread to the next wednesday at 6:29am. You bring the goodness from the morning and spread it to your work and the baristas at your local coffee shop. You bring it to your car where you blast music and practice your next move to bring. You bring it to your friends and strangers exchanging something as simple as a smile or a hug. You always have the time for other people, even if you think you’re in a rush. Everyone of you today brought a little piece of awesomeness and shared your time and gave your attention, which as a whole brought a whopping “Fuck Yeah” of joy and greatness. So go all the way. Pass it it along today tomorrow and the day after. In the end your are all awesome!

Now go spread it across the city and we will see you next Wednesday. We assure you will not want to miss this workout. We have something very exciting up our sleeves and no it is not our deodorant froffing from the workout.    Hollywood Bowl, 6:29am.

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