No Calm Before This Storm (NO)

With a massive storm-front just miles away Cameron made sure the morning was anything but calm. One thing you should know, the NOLA tribe guarantees to keep things electric with 100% chance of soaked clothes every Wednesday regardless if it’s raining or not.

The tribe hit the regular lap for warmups and then went directly into the stairs as the heat lightning streaked across the sky above the Mercedes Benz Superdome. After the warm up, there was no real time to catch your breath and settle the heart rate as we rolled into the workout dubbed as “The Gauntlet”. This 30 plus minute grind included running, lunges, broad jumps, partner wheelbarrows and of course more running. A tough workout that will become a staple for the NOLA tribe going forward.

May 28.3

With two members of the mothership (Boston) sending in a video verbal, Cameron knew he had to bring the heat. And he heat he brought. We sincerely apologize for the soreness…not really.

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