All the Way Turnt Up (VB)

It is almost Back to school time which means this week we are losing some of our core members who go to college far away. They promised to come back and visit on holidays and spring break if we mail them care packages full of cookies and #grassrootsgear. Back to school also means Yearbook Photos are coming up… Anyways, so look for the details on that soon…


The workout was good today. Clockwise and Counter Clockwise. Forwards and Backwards. Side to Side. The energy and positive support coming from everyone was infectious. I’m not sure why (If you just showed up today I think you know why..) For the rest of you who didn’t show up. Sorry. This is some Top Secret Stuff down here in VB. See you next week for PR Day and maybe we’ll tell you.


Next week is PR Day (8.26.15), Then the week after is YEARBOOK PHOTOS! (9.2.15)

More announcements. If you are running RnRVB – There is a group run on the 23rd. Check the Social Page for the RnR Deets. Other than that I think I covered it.

One More thing. The Tribe is really Strong. Thank you Amory for sharing your story and making the tribe what it is. You will be missed but we know you will be killing it when you get back with #NP_DC. Congrats to Kris on the #positivityaward.


Enjoy the weekend! Is it Wednesday Yet?

– Red

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