OK so it is not a surprise to anyone that I am a fish. My twitter name used to be hortnessfish before something happened and I had to adopt @hortnesswims as my handle. Swimmers we know we are our own breed. I used to say always that we were family, my team mates are by definition my brothers and sisters and I would jump in front of an offensive lineman to protect them.

However this weekend when the November Project crew showed up to cheer on all the local #21humpbeat members and all those that #traverballed to run the sea wheeze. Something happened. I got a look at why the running community, nope, family is different.

I was talking to an ultra runner who a week out from her race went on 1 hour sleep to go stand at an aide station for people she never met, and to help one of her friends on their race.

Then I got home and read this on facebook:

I ran the SeaWheeze half marathon on Saturday and couldn’t believe how AWESOME it was running then all of a sudden seeing all my new friends cheering us on! I felt really touched and so honored to be a part of such a great community like the November Project.My family doesn’t live here to cheer me on but this was pretty darn close. Shout out to Christina, Gary, Steve, Richard and everyone else out there supporting all of us! You guys are amazing!

So here is the rub this is new for me, I don’t fully get it. But what I do get is that this is not a cult or a group of weirdo’s (ok we are really weird.. see below) but a family. A family that I am honoured to be a part of.


Mr. November


Ps we did work today too. Spiderman push ups… just sayin #that shit’s legit

IMG_2753 IMG_2754



Time for another round of Good Things Heard:

“Sexy arms! Sexy abs!”
“You saw the rabbit too? Ok good, I’m not seeing things”
“This shirt was bought out of anger”
“You gotta break ’em in” “Yah, like heels” “You would know…” “it’s hard to find size 13”
“You had all the feels”
“I can’t wait until it’s cold and dark and then we really have to push ourselves. And wear head lamps”

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