After the Rain Comes a Rainbow (LAX)

So technically we missed the whole rainbow thing since the deluge ended yesterday BUT there was an epic sunrise and that counts for something. If you didn’t happen to be present at the workout between 6:30a and 7:30a you missed out.

Disclaimer, I have to give a shoutout to our awesome 5:30a crew who crushes when it’s practically pitch dark, but they don’t get the privilege of seeing the Los Angeles landscape light up during these winter months.  So for their sake, I’m going to keep it short and throw in some jaw dropping shots of the morning.

I mean, check it out – pretty neat, right?  Also, this crazy kid ran a marathon on Sunday and is already jumping for joy at that LA skyline.  #content

To be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of the sunrise at workouts.   When I first started going to November Project, it was all about catching it for the Instagram (…after the workout).  If you didn’t document it, did it actually happen?  But in all sincerity, there’s a sort of clarity that the sunrise brings, especially after a rainstorm.  No matter where you are in the world, whichever tribe you work out with, you have a fresh start each day.

We dished out a selection of partner body weight exercises and while Jesse struggled to find a partner for “Fuck-Yeah” pushups, the rest of the tribe managed just fine.  A crowd favorite at 6:30 seemed to be the squatpliments or squapliments or complisquats or complemesquats.  Don’t mind us, we’re just out here doing our own thing and making up words to add to the dictionary (ok maybe the words part is just me) #alwaysbecontenting

How all good workouts should end – with a cheer tunnel.

Do Good LA.


  • Friday 1/12 – 5:27 and/or 6:27am at Baldwin Hills (tracker and location here) ** PLEASE arrive early to meet at the top of the stairs.
  • 1/26 – Sunrise 6K in Santa Monica
  • 2/3 (*SATURDAY*) – Special NP_LAX pop up with the local Girl Scouts.  We’ll be helping the Girl Scouts earn their fitness badge so spread the word and as always, bring your friends, family, etc. etc.


  • If Los Angeles were its own country, its economy would be bigger than Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and Sweden’s.  Whoa.
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