A Real Treat: The Custard Chase (DC)

This past Sunday, August 18, was an epic feat of athleticism, strength, and gastrointestinal fortitude. The first ever Custard Chase, a follow-up to last summer’s Taco Mile, went down at Banneker Rec Center. Bolstered by our community ties (and excellent planning from our very own Noelle Ellerson Ng), we welcomed hundreds of runners for the event. First, a sincere thanks to Shake Shack for providing the delicious custard, Pacers Running for the race clock, and the DC Department of Parks and Rec for the AV system and the space — we couldn’t have done it without y’all.

Scoops of Shake Shack custard sit in cups on a table waiting for runners to grab them.
The Custard!

Critically, we couldn’t do it without you. Every single one of you. The racers, the timers, the scoopers, the cheerers(!), the photographers, the clean-up squad, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. It’s not about racing fast, or cold, delicious, custard (it’s a little bit about the custard), it’s about y’all — and you showed up big time for us, so thank you for that.

Okay, how did this go down? So Noli is just kinda detail-oriented, and she had the logistics DOWN PAT to the tiniest details — even what was referred to internally as a “standard scoop” when it came to how big each creamy gob of custard needed to be. We kicked things off with the family mile, meant for parents, kiddos, dogs in strollers (way to go Brooklyn)! and everyone in between. This was simple: run three laps, eat custard, finish your mile. Same vibe for the “friendly” heats, although people were THROWING DOWN on the track!

A little boy runs around the track during the family heat of the Custard Chase
all ages, ALL levels. #JustShowUp

Next up were the FAST and the ELITE mile. Containing multiple heats each, we had runners of all ages. fitness levels, and eating abilities taking to the track. Sure, ANYONE can run fast, but do you know how hard it is to down one scoop of vanilla custard in a single bite? Four times in a row??!! AND run four laps!! That takes OLYMPIC-LEVEL FOCUS. Gift cards from Pacers and Shake Shack were awarded to our top three finishers in each heat, but regardless of standing the friendships we made along the way were the real prize custard was absolutely divine.

So, what’s next? Milkshake marathon? Tuna fish triathlon? Throw your food-based fitness challenges our way! But for now, we’ll be back here, satisfied, satiated, and full of custard — shout out Lactaid for all your work.

Oh, and PS: if ya ever need a pair of emcees, say for your kid’s birthday party, a bar or bat mitzvah, or heck, Boston Athletics Association, if ya need peeps to announce that tiny marathon you host … Jake and I are available and now booking gigs.

Stay cool, be kind, much love DC. Peep the full Custard Chase photo album on our Facebook page.

A group photo on the stairs at Banneker Rec Center
Custard Chase Crew 2019
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