Summer Fun (YEG)

Thank you for showing up on Monday and participating in one of my favourite workouts, The Grab Bag. It just makes people laugh and act a little silly while being active. It warms my heart.

I know Monday’s may not be your favourite workout of the week but I really do encourage you to come out to try them. For me they hold the spark of NP – the adult recess, the laughs, the silliness, the hard work etc. and it’s the most adaptable (e.g. pushups are too easy? Do them with one foot on the ground. Pushups too hard? Do a pushup with your knees on the ground). I have a love for Monday workouts and I hope you get to experience them too.

THEMED WORKOUT: The Future is Bright. Tomorrow wear any brand of sunglasses to the workout and join in as 51 other cities from around the globe do the same.

Keep being awesome,



#justshowup 6 AM

  • Wednesday – “The Future is Bright” at Commonwealth Stadium (meet at gate 2)
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill


  • Wednesday, August 28 – Old 96er & the Gristle – last chance of the season
  • Monday, September 2 – Sunrise 6K
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