The world got a little weird ever since I lost that dog, right? YIKES. Well, let’s do something fun to change the mood.

If you follow 2018 Boston Marathon Winner and whiskey connoisseur Des Linden on any form of social media, you may have seen her post this photo yesterday.

Big thanks to Brendan for sending this to me, because this is awesome.

As soon as I saw it, an idea struck. So, weirdly, I reached out to Des. And she wrote back, And she’s into it. Seriously. read more

A Real Treat: The Custard Chase (DC)

A young woman eats from a Shake Shack cup during the 2019 Custard Chase race

This past Sunday, August 18, was an epic feat of athleticism, strength, and gastrointestinal fortitude. The first ever Custard Chase, a follow-up to last summer’s Taco Mile, went down at Banneker Rec Center. Bolstered by our community ties (and excellent planning from our very own Noelle Ellerson Ng), we welcomed hundreds of runners for the event. First, a sincere thanks to Shake Shack for providing the delicious custard, Pacers Running for the race clock, and the DC Department of Parks and Rec for the AV system and the space — we couldn’t have done it without y’all. read more