A PR Choose Your Own Adventure – (PHL)

You’ve probably noticed the Philadelphia Tribe is growing.  As we grow some things may change. Thus, leadership decided to move PR day to Franklin Field Fridays and give you fast folks a bit more room & variety.

“How will that work?” (Everyone asked). Well, this month we allowed the tribe to choose their own PR adventure. Wanta see how much your mile time has improved? Great, we have a track and you can time your mile.

Wanta see where you are for a half or full tour and what your time is to beat next month? Awesome, get after it and log your time. Wanta be completely badass and do both? Heck yeah Philly, some of you rocked em both, and those who didn’t, rocked a full deck workout on the center of the field, post mile race. Weekend earned!

Today was, as everyday with the tribe is… amazing. We had our first FFF puker, and that my friends is a sure sign that this chick was pushing herself as you all should every damn day! You are strong and getting stronger by the minute…racing everything! Thanks for coming out, for being you, for being RAD!

Tonight we celebrate our Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly – Underground Workout win. Come above ground with us on a Friday night: 8:00 p.m. at The PHS Pop-Up Garden at 15th & South. See y’all there.


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