The tribe is HUNGRY!


You all came to the Hollywood Bowl this morning hungry, starving even, and left with a belly full of stairs.  Whoever said breakfast was the most important meal of the day knew exactly what they were talking about #stairsforbreakfast.  You started it off with smiles, hugs, and FUCK YEAHS, sweated your asses off, made some goofy faces and weird noises along the way, and dug down deep for those much needed reserves to finish PR day satisfied and improved.

The tribe is getting stronger, the tribe is getting faster, and I’ll be damned if we aren’t getting a little weirder too!  The support shown, camaraderie felt, and motivation derived from this morning’s PR workout was a spectacle we should all be proud of.  Hell, we got the Bowl security guards dancing!!  As we continue to grow as a tribe, we grow as athletes, we grow as individuals.  We shaved 2 minutes off both ends of our collective PRs; even on paper we’re getting closer to one another!


Kathleen, you deserve every bit of that positivity award!! You where with us right from the start and you’ve fucking rocked it every day since.  Treat it well, we’ll see you both this weekend for #SoCalCollisionCourse !!

Now take that pride and satisfaction and let it ride throughout the day, throughout the week for that matter, until we meet again next Wednesday and get right back to it!



I was recently given a little homework assignment, and I had a blast seeing what I could do with it.  I loved the idea, and wanted to pass it down to all of you!  Between now and next Wednesday morning @6:27AM, I want each of you to give out some bright smiles and solid high-fives.  20 to be exact.  To strangers.  In any situation the urge may strike.  Make some connections, improve someone’s day, even just a little.  Have some fun with this one.  Report back next Wednesday at the Hollywood Bowl. #homeworkisnevercomplete
Some reminders:
SoCal Collision Course is this weekend!!  Send some good vibes to all of your fellow tribe members running!  #NP_SanOnofre
#SUMMIT is coming up quick!  Join Co-Leaders from all 17 cities, plus a boat load of other dedicated NPers, in Madison, Wisconsin for the NorthFace Endurance Challenge.  September 13th!!
#betterthanbedtime Sunday, August 17th, 3:00PM.  More details to come…
And finally, keep that schedule openMonday, August 11th for a special little workout at the Hollywood Bowl, 6:27AM.  You won’t want to miss this one, trust me!
Now go out and make the world a better place! Love you guys!!


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