#DinoPoolParty in Boston

Remember that time when kids asked adults join their pool only if they come dressed as dinosaurs?
Remember when those adults accepted the challenge and in addition to their busy lives, computer jobs, buttoned up shirts, and neckties, took time to carefully craft very intricate T-rex heads, Stegosaurus back spikes, Velociraptor legs, or Pterodactyl wings?
Remember how few of the adults took the dinosaur theme to the next level and whipped out a casual Chinese Dragon costume?
Remember how amazed the kids were that whole time?


Remember that time when a guy “borrowed” 18 old tires from his mechanic, dropped them off in his truck an hour before the workout, put the “Yellow Jersey Bike Shop” cycling hat on, and heckled BG’s pre-workout talk?
Remember when those old tires and hundreds of small american flags were used to set up the cross-country course?
Remember when a guy showed up with two idiots spray-painted on his shirt?

I still feel like that whole day wasn’t real. I feel like I was a part of some strange but unexplainably pleasant dream. If I was dreaming, man that was a fun dream! If that day really happened… well I guess nothing is impossible anymore.

On Monday, we’ll see you at Sullivan’s by Castle Island. Southie people, you have no excuse not to show up! #WeekendEarned

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