A Much Needed Vacation (LAX)

We do retreats a little differently here in LAX; we already have the sun and palm trees, so we look to other means as a getaway. In this morning’s case, that getaway came in the form of the Hollywood Bowl stairs as we dove into our first proper couples retreat of 2015. Partners did their partner thing: one person runs one section of the stairs twice (top to bottom is one) while the other member of the couple ran through one of six exercises. Keep it rolling for 30 minutes. Hug your sweaty friends after.



The tribe is strong. The tribe is hungry. This is their kind of vacation. I love this tribe.



FRIDAY – We return to Eldred Street in Highland Park/Mount Washington. An article claims that this is in fact the steepest street in LA, and there’s stairs once you hit the top. Challenge Accepted. Here’s a map for the location.

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