A morning in January (Ottawa)

Another morning in January, but different than yesterday, and different than last Wednesday. Today we ventured to the Rideau River AdĂ we Crossing for 30 minutes of movement. New Wednesday, new bridge, new workout, new people! We bounced, we worked on our ability to not dominate the entire bridge for the commuters and we moved.

We set the parameters- 30 minutes of movement, 5 different exercises, 1 minute to run, and 1 minute to complete the exercise called out- the rest of workout is up to you. How fast, how far, how many repetitions, how you modify, how many high fives you hand out, is all up to you. I’m not sure if anyone noticed how far they were going, or where everyone else was at in their workout? This type of movement just allows challenging your own body, and to do it with the encouragement of others beside you.

Do you think you moved a little bit faster with others holding you accountable? Maybe for some of you, you moved a little slower because you were chatting with someone and catching up. Or maybe you were moving a bit faster to push your usual pace, or slowing it down to encourage someone who was newer to make them feel welcome. Maybe you took one lap hard, then one lap with someone fighting an injury. Whatever your challenge was, it’s all good. You are good, and we are just really glad you showed up.

Homework this week- Search “guest blog” at www.november-project.com and select a story to read and get a glimpse into the lives of a real human person, whose life has been impacted by having a community around them. Please comment below, or share your takeaways from the story-telling if you have made it through this part of the blog.

Thank you for sharing your morning, your time and your energy with us. Here’s to bringing “soles” together

Liz and Lauren


  1. NEXT WEEK’S BRIDGE- Corktown Footbridge (Somerset/Lovelock, you know the one)
  2. Have the best Wednesday !
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  1. I learned Baltimore is changing their meeting spots, learned about the Gin Riot and how wonderful the Baltimore tribe is- but I kind of had a glimpse into that already 🙂 . Love the Ottawa blog! Marci

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