2020, y'all. (ATX)

We all hear that a new year is a time for reflection & setting goals….so the start of a new decade sure does bring extra pressure!  As we think ahead for ways to make 2020 and beyond extra special, we wanted to share some of our thinking, and most importantly, ways to more deeply engage the leadership offered from within our beautiful community.   Collectively, our creativity and collaboration can continue to make November Project in Austin a space to become better and stronger versions of ourselves and engage with our wonderful city.

Some 2020 Changes & Visions for November Project Austin

Friday Locations – we love the Frank Erwin Center, especially #stairsforbreakfast.  With the construction happening there, though, an opportunity arose for us to consider other gems in Austin to explore.  For the last several weeks, we have enjoyed our new location at the LBJ Library.   And we plan to continue to do so! Through March, that is.    For 2020, we will be rotating our Friday locations every three months.  So come April, we will be introducing a new Friday location.  This allows us to really explore and get to know our city – not only the locations themselves, but also the coffee shops around them for post-workout breakfasts and hopefully new community members who may find a Friday location popping up in their neighborhood. And don’t y’all worry….as we announce new locations, we will post maps that highlight parking options (or bike, run, scooter, skip, etc. to the workouts).

We’d love to hear suggestions from you on these new locations.  Here are some questions to consider: is there enough light for us to work out safely? Is there accessible parking until at least 7 AM?  Is this workout easy for people from all directions to get to? Does the location offer anything we can integrate with workouts (benches, hills, stairs, etc.)?  Please reach out to Gina & Scott with any ideas!

And, as always, you can find us at the Texas State Capitol every Wednesday at 6 AM.

Keeping things spicy – routine can be a beautiful thing! We work out together every Wednesday and Friday (yes, even on Christmas or rainy days #weatherproof).  There is something comforting in knowing we will all show up for each other.  And on top of this, we want to keep this flow exciting with fun and dynamic workouts and to also create other opportunities to work out together outside of our traditional spaces.   We have some ideas brewing for some special events and workouts already (don’t want to ruin the surprise!) but would love to hear from you if there is anything special you’d love to see….and if you have any connections to, say, any stadiums we might be able to work out in, we are all ears 🙂

How can you get more involved?

The strength of this community relies on all of you! Whether it’s showing up and encouraging others, making a new member feel especially welcome, or helping tag shirts on tagging day, you being part of November Project matters to us. Here are some other ways we invite you to contribute. 

Lead Community Events – we sure do love working out at 6 AM – so much that you may know many folks of this beautiful community solely from these workouts.  This might leave you wondering: do these people ever wear non-workout clothes? In 2020, we want to continue building community outside of our regular workouts.   And while this does not always require a formal structure (check out the NP Book Club, ask your NP friend crush out for coffee to get to know them better, etc.), we’d love to have some regularity on inclusive social events.   Here’s what we envision: each quarter of the year, we’d like to have one official social event and one community service event.  Rather than having just one or two people leading all of these efforts, we’d love to have a group spearhead these events to brainstorm and plan together.   If you are interested in supporting with this, please reach out to Scott & Gina and we will start a conversation with all volunteers to get a plan in motion.

And speaking of social events, join us for our Second Annual Pancake & Waffle dinner on Saturday, February 8th! More details to come both at workouts and a Facebook event.

Sharing Your Thoughts – we are always wanting to hear from you as to what you’re loving, what we can change, or what we can add to our workouts and community.   Have an idea for a workout or finisher? Let us know, and we’d love to include you to co-lead this!  Have any feedback? Let us know and we’re happy to follow up and discuss.   Want to share a story on a blog post? We’d love to have these blogs happening more regularly.  Your voices are all so important and we deeply care about your experience with November Project.

RECRUIT! – whether it’s the person reading “Born To Run” next to you on a plane ride, the woman with her big fluffy dog sitting next to you at a coffee shop, or that team member in another department you run into at the water cooler, there are thousands of opportunities to recruit folks to join us each week.  November Project is a space for anyone of any background to participate and show up as their authentic self.   If you have not seen it, here are the community commitments made by November Project globally.   Every single person coming to November Project makes this movement all the more special, and we’d love for your help in helping us continue to grow.

We’re excited for another year of building community, getting stronger together, and having the most fun that is possible at 6 AM.

Much love,

Gina & Scott

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