Ummmmmmm… what happened this morning? Why were there so many people that showed up this morning? You are all lunatics. I still haven’t warmed up from this morning and it’s almost dark out again.

To those who came, I hope you had fun. And to those who chose to not bear the temperatures, I commend you. I must say, I’m still on the fence whether or not we all just have bad judgement or we truly are pushing limits by being out there. There are definitely times when we hope people who don’t show have FOMO. I don’t think today was one of those times. In fact, I don’t truly know how cold it was this morning. I checked at 5am and it said it was -40. And I had no care to check it right before and after the workout. All I wanted to do was get warm… I’m still wanting that by the way.

On Friday, I talked about recognizing people by their eyes, well today, I recognize someone by their vibes. Fully covered, ski goggles, and a fake beard on, they stopped and in a muffled voice said hi and introduced me to their visiting father. Now that I think about it, it might have been his first time to NP.

Oh, and since someone had asked me this morning about it, today was NOT the coldest NP workout. Our wild friends in Winnipeg survived a workout that hit -52 last winter.

Friday – We’ll be at Walterdale hill. Again – Come or don’t come. It’s still going to be cold.

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