Need-2°-Knows (BOS)

It basically felt like 2° (in case you were wondering how to pull off this fancy trick option+shift+8; I’ll be looking forward to seeing it in all your IG captions this winter) so here’s the 2 things you need to know on this two degree day.

the ML6k8 @ 8 : This Monday we’re having our regularly scheduled 6:30am workout in the seaport at the free fitness park here. BUUUT after this workout we’re moving over to the ice rink for a 6K on Sk8s – – The first official ML6k8! at 8am. So if you don’t have to work please join us for some fun as Seaport Boston is graciously hosting us in the space!

IF YOU OWN SKATES PLEASE BRING THEM. If you don’t we got you!

SUPER SUNDAY 5M/5K: Superbowl Sunday is quickly approaching and our favorite race is also going down in cambridge. NP has a team and we’re looking to spread grassroots gear ALL OVER THE COURSE. Come to every workout in the next two weeks as we’ll be giving free bibs away to people every workout for doing awesome fitnesssy things!

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  1. For all us iphone users, your fancy trick is achieved by pressing and holding “0” for the same 2° of awesomeness – but high five for the control+shift+8 short cut I didn’t know before 🙌

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