Perspective (YEG)

We made it!! We made it through the first cold spell of 2020 and you all crushed it. Capping it off with some hill repeats you could tell, even through the buffs covering your face, that smiles and laughs were had. We even had CTV out to document your awesome-ness.

As I was running up the hill this morning a car took the time to roll down their window in this cold weather and yell out “go home.” In that moment I was initially struck by a sense of pride, ‘hell ya, we are out here, we are weatherproof and random-car-man you don’t know what you’re missing.’ By the time I was at the top of the hill I was struck by a different thought. One that contemplated the need to think about perspective.

From the man-in-the-car’s perspective, let’s call him Chad, he looked to us as crazy. The CTV news crew may have looked to us with more admiration, in comparison to that. Your fellow community members looked to you for comradery – different again. None of these perspectives are right or wrong. These are just opinions. Everyone sees things different based on an entire lifetime of experiences that you’ll never know fully.

What we do might seem strange to people and that’s ok. We are doing what is best for us and we make sure that we are safe about it. You know, even after coming out to a workout just once, that This Shit Is Good. All that we can do is continue to be our welcoming selves, to give out encouragement to everyone we see, and to make sure to put good out into the world. It will give you good back. Have a great weekend and see you Monday!

Keep being awesome,



Monday – middle of the LRT bridge

Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs

Friday – Walterdale Hill

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