A little #payday (Boston 11.19.18)

Every once in a while we get a little gift from someone in the tribe.  Amongst the co-leaders of all the tribes, we call it a #payday.  Because we don’t get paid in money for leading the workouts, the cool/awesome/rewarding/encouraging/goooood stuff that happens to the members of the tribe and the ways they express gratitude for and value in the workouts (and the resulting life experiences) is like the replacement for money–it’s the “payday” moments that fill our emotional bank accounts and make this position so darn fulfilling. 

Last week, we received a message from a member of the Boston tribe–expressing her gratitude for what November Project is.  Like, what it really is. Because NP is more than just fitness.  Yes, it’s hard workouts that make you sweat, make you fitter, faster, stronger, and that challenge you physically.  And it’s always been more than just fitness.  There was an initial connection between BG and Bojan (as the founders of the whole thing) that made them want to rely on each other to spur on their motivation to work out through the dreary winter in Boston.  And as a result of those workouts, the connection between them grew and a community grew as well, which is what started a movement. 

This morning, despite the dreary rain and utter promise of no view whatsoever of the sunrise or the city from the roof of the Tufts Library, there was a bright, enthusiastic, motivating community who showed up for the workout. 

It’s a guarantee that some showed up just because it was close to their house, others only showed because they promised someone they would, some spent the whole time getting there wishing they were still back in bed, others got totally lost getting there and were late, some were just late with no good reason, some needed this morning to remind them of the good in humanity and to know for sure they could start today and this week with a hug from someone who truly is glad they’re here, some came for their first time, some were scared to show up, some were eager to see familiar faces and were excited to learn what weird stuff we’d do for the workout.  And some love NP workouts so much that they’d show up wherever, just for the workout and whatever comes with it!

People show up for a million different reasons, but we know that it’s not just fitness–you can get that anywhere, even at home.  And we know it’s not just a social thing–you can find that anywhere too.  There is something special about what November Project puts together and offers out three times every single week, all year long, no matter the weather. 

Every Monday I find myself looking around and nodding my head confidently–this is it.  THIS is November Project.  This collective of individuals who together make a tribe — who propel each other forward, who catch each other when we stumble (both moving through space and in life), and who, just by showing up, remind us again and again and again (forever) that we are not alone. 

So here’s a reminder to the tribe from us as co-leaders, your moments of goodness, of “a-ha!” and of “oh my god, I did it/I’m proud/I love this/I’m grateful” are #paydays not only for us co-leaders, but for the whole tribe.  Share them…because that’s just as much a part of the movement as is showing up for workouts.  Post them on social media or send them in a private message.  But keep sharing them.  They make us all stronger.

I didn’t know where else to post this, but I had to say it somewhere: This week I’ve had some health issues that left me feeling helpless and scared. This morning, climbing stairs and dropping for pushups and squats with the NP tribe, and returning home, I realized that something had lifted. I felt like myself again—like a human being that was alive and buzzing. Midway through our climb, I watched as someone tumbled and was swiftly caught by someone else. What a crazy-perfect analogy for what I felt you all did for me today. Things might not all be okay for us, but there is still joy. We unmask that for each other—that’s what we do, through that unexplainable “fuck yeah” energy made up of raw kindness, raw compassion, and raw love. Thank you all for today. Thanks for catching me.

Thank you to Heather, for finding somewhere to post your moment, and now I’m posting it here.  We’re glad you’re here.  And this collective tribe will be here to catch you, and all the rest of us, when we need it. 

It’s a good week to be grateful.  I’m grateful today for the Monday crew who showed up in the cold rain.  I’m grateful for that damn bouncy die that we used to determine how many times everyone would “swing your partner round & round,” and for the artistic conducting that Ken did of the tribe-choir as we sang him “happy birthday” six times (because we rolled the die and it landed on 6).  I’m grateful for laughs so early in the morning, for traverbalers from Edmonton, for really good bear hugs, for adult-silliness, and for good old hard work.  I’m so grateful for this tribe, and that I GET TO show up with you all 3 times a week, every week, all year, no matter the weather, forever.  So freaking grateful. 

Workouts all week!

Wednesday we will be at Harvard Stadium, just like usual, at 5:30 and 6:30am.  Please remember to pay the parking meters if you park on Harvard property, but you can always carpool (split the meter), park elsewhere, or bike/run from somewhere too, to avoid the meter altogether.

Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and we will be working out!! Meet at the top of Summit Ave. (Corey Hill Park) at 6:30am, just like usual. 

Next Monday

Our Monday workout for Nov 26th will be at Murray Field / Portsmouth Playground in the Allston/Brighton neighborhood.  6:30am.  Run there, bike there, and BRING YOUR FRIENDS!!  (monday’s are where it’s at!)

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