A few PSA’s (Worcester)

Happy March everyone, Just wanted to leave a few very important reminders here.

  1. If you create a November Project team for a race, do NOT password protect it. I know we are pretty amazing, but NP Woo is NOT the only tribe, there are 48 other amazing tribes that may have members wanting to sign up for these races, too. If you make a November Project Worcester specific team, that’s different, but please know if you are ONLY using “NOVEMBER PROJECT” You can NOT password protect it. If you are a team captain, and have done this, please remove the password.
  2. BUFFS. Everyone has been asking for weeks where the buffs are. Well, they are here. They have been here, and they have been riding in my jeep for a while. They are lonely, and they want to go home. If you have NOT picked up your buff, PLEASE DO SO. It’s a November Project Buff, so where do you pick it up? At November Project. We do have a few leftover available, 5$ cash at the Wednesday workouts only- first come first serve.
  3. Stadium– We will be going back once Mother Nature cooperates. The whole reason we have not been there is because 1) There is no parking in the winter on the street when there is a ban and 2) the metal stairs do not handle well in sub freezing temps. We have some scars to prove it. Unless I missed something, both of those items are still very much so applicable. Hang in there, it’s coming. Don’t forget- NO DOGS at the stadium (BUT STILL WELCOME AT THE POP UPS EACH MONTH!) , and no children under 17 allowed on the stairs. THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE WORKOUT (similar to those of the Common) BECAUSE EVERYONE IS WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED TO SHOW UP.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly. If you are not on our weekly email distribution, please send us an email at NovemberProjectWoo@gmail.com to be added. There is a lot of info each week to ensure you’re always in the know. You’ll probably get a chuckle, too.

Have a fabulous weekend, and let’s make March the best!

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