Message from Mom (NOLA)

For those of you who were not at the workout this morning, I wanted to share some news with all of you that I shared with the tribe… I will be leaving New Orleans by the end of March and inevitably stepping down as a co-leader of this tribe.

While this may come as a surprise to some and not so much for others, my time here in New Orleans has finally come to an end. When I moved here a little less than three years ago, I planned on a one-year stint. I would make some friends, grow in my career, and then move on – NOLA was not meant to become a home…

But then, November Project happened. This temporary plan turned into one much more drawn out than anyone would have expected, and it is all because of YOU. This tribe became my home. My family. My comfort. My haven. My purpose. This tribe supported me in the best of times and the worst of times. You allowed me to show up as me and never hide how I was feeling, but you also allowed me to escape from the realities that I was facing at work and elsewhere. Life isn’t always as perfect as it may seem, but you all allowed me to be happy even on the saddest of days.

So as I announce my inevitable retirement, I have a couple of requests…

  1. Let’s be HAPPY. Change is sad. People moving is sad. I am sad. But if we can all focus on being happy/excited about the change that is coming, this retirement will be a little easier.
  2. Just show up. Even if you’re injured or resting, come hang out with me on the sidelines. Come help take pictures or cheer people on. Come spend some time with me because I want to spend time with you. I want March Madness to refer to the incredible spike in numbers we have at ALL of our workouts this month.

And lastly, SMILE. Know that everything is going to be alright. November Project is not here because of me, it is here because of you.

Let’s make this last month the best one of my leadership yet. See y’all Monday (City Park Practice Track).


For those of you who want more details… here’s what I’ve got (updated as of March 8): I have officially accepted a job in New York for a digital marketing agency as an analyst on their optimization and innovation team. My last week of workouts will be March 25- 29. I already have trips back to NOLA planned so don’t worry – Mom will be back. If you’ve got anymore questions, feel free to reach out (or come to a workout!!).

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