A familiar chill in the air

Did you feel it this morning? That chill?

We’ve been through this many times before- the familiar season of darkness and cold. The time when we get to see our #weatherproofness on full display.

Well not just yet. But we know it’s coming.

It didn’t take long for us to strip that top layer off though huh? Climbing those stairs gets hot pretty quickly.

Loved the howling this morning. Thanks for bringing it.


  • Friday at 6am. We’ll be powering up Walterdale hill AND it’s tagging day! That’s right. Bring ONE lightly coloured item to be tagged. It’ll be our last tagging day of this season. And…. my hands don’t work in the cold (for fine motor stuff) so some help please!
  • If you don’t know about the 10th anniversary buff contest that’s underway, get in the know! Voting is underway for a bit longer! Here are the deets.
  • Have you heard yet about the Knockaround contest? You’ll also want to know about this one… it’s almost over! Check out contest details here. 
  • And yes, NP Summit is a go! Check here if you haven’t seen any details as yet!



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