PR Day: In The Books (Ottawa)

Well, well, well… another PR day in the books! Since have yet to see a copy of the aforementioned ”books”, we figured we’d start our own and include all of the wonderful words of wisdom overheard each PR day.

Please read on for Chapter 1: Let’s Go Legs!

The sun is barely starting to rise. A determined group of local NPers gravitates towards the stadium and prepares themselves for what’s ahead. They ask themselves, “why do I do this to myself?” and contemplate the reality that awaits them on the other side. They approach the gate; the nerves, excitement and anticipation grow steadily. They think of everything they know they can accomplish. They also think about bagels. The gate is locked. The moment is quite anti-climactic and no one is able to enter the stadium. This is awkward. Oh, okay. Someone arrives at 6:30. Damn. I mean, phew. …Andd away they go!

A local journalist is on the scene, collecting quotes from the athletes:


Person 1: You’re on fire!
Person 2: I am. I’m literally on fire. My legs. Are on fire.


Person 1: How are those legs feeling?!
Person 2: You know. Like they’re going up and down stairs.


Person 1: How are those legs feeling?!
Person 2: Putty. Putty legs.
Person 1: Like silly putty?
Person 2: Very silly.


“I’m never doing PR day again if my calves are sore after this.” <– we think this person is bluffing. Further questioning required.


“This is like a walk in the park. A very, very steep park.”


“Oh, they left the lights on for us so we ca–“
*lights turn off*
*NP Ottawa proceeds to run stairs in the dark*


At 7am, NPers scramble to finish one final section (scrambling takes on many forms at this point in the workout). The co-leaders yell out “TIME and the team makes its way to the front of the stadium for a group shot. With another PR day completed, it’s time for bagels, followed by a return to a state of blissful denial in which “stairs aren’t actually that bad”.


We hope you enjoyed this month’s chapter and we encourage you to tune in for next month’s reading – Chapter 2 :The slippery stair saga. We are currently in touch with publishers and expect to have this novel at a store near you very soon. (NB: “publishers” = canine friends whose opinions are easily influenced by treats and “very soon” = based on said canines perception of time).

Thanks for sharing your morning with us. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom with us. We are glad you’re here!

Rebecca & Becca


  1. Just 2 more days to submit your idea for “The Knockaround” movement/stretch/exercise. Be creative! Share a video or post with your version of “The Knockaround” and tag friends that helped you put it together, using #nptheknockaround. DEADLINE IS FRIDAY OCT 1. Winners announced Oct 4.
  2. Buff designs are up and ready for your votes! Check out the linktree for more info.
  3. Massage your calves. Pet some dogs. Have a great day and come back next week (Gate 1).

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