9.11.15 (NYC)

Guest Blogger: Will the real Katie Shea please stand up:

As I got off the subway this morning en route to our workout, I was a bit disoriented. I don’t know lower Manhattan as well as I should and I definitely don’t know it at all in the dark, so I got my bearings and happened to catch a glimpse of the Freedom Tower.

It is hard to be anywhere on September 11th without thinking about what occurred 14 years ago on this day. It can be a passing second or a much longer experience. And because we live in New York, it is sometimes feels hard to think of anything else.

And though it is a solemn day, finding a way to embrace life, to smile, to find gratitude in everything is also important. To appreciate what we have and to give love.

Today and everyday at November Project, we strive to just do all those things. We are building community through hugs and positivity and love and laughter.

Today with the tribe in New York City, it was no different. In fact, our positivity and energy was amped up as it is a very special day for co-leader John Honerkamp. If you don’t know this (and that means you missed the workout), it is John’s birthday. He turned 39 again.

The workout was a celebration for John but also showcased all he does for our tribe day in and day out. And the location that he chose for today’s #SummerFriday workout couldn’t have been more perfect.


We went to Pier 15 – East River Esplanade of the South Street Seaport and it was just gorgeous. The views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn and lower Manhattan did not seem real. It was the perfect place to be distracted from this awesomely tough and still fun workout. There were bear crawls, burpees, stairs, squats, planks with some running and lots of smiling.

photo 3 (2)
Sydney crushed the bounce in true BaltiMORE style!

 There was even a very special guest, #paulleak’s understudy (if you will), the awesome tribe co-leader from NP_BAL, Ms. Sydney. She got the bounce going like no other and taught a new way to celebrate a birthday and reminded us all of the proper way to hug (pelvis IN).

photo 1 (3)
Today’s Co-Leaders.


It was a great morning and I hope all of you left smiling. Maybe because John was sporting an amazing balloon hat courtesy of Jeanie or maybe because you crushed another great workout and earned your weekend. Or maybe because #thisshitisgood. Regardless, keep spreading the love and the pelvis-in hugs today and always.



This is not fun at all.
We LOVE visitors from our other Tribes.


photo 2

Next Wednesday:  Grotto, E. 86th Street & the East River. Bring 2 newbies. That will give us 450. No sweat. We build community. 5:28am & 6:28am



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