Friday Morning Love Bites

Ok, so the love bites bit was just to get your attention. There were bites aplenty, but not of the loving kind. It might be September, the mornings might be cooler, but the mosquitoes are still just as savage. Note to self: remember insect repellent in future.

Nice mosquito-squashing technique Jen!

So today we went back to Riverdale East Park for the first time since the pop-up session with Bojan and the Bostonians back in July. It was awesome! Riverdale is huge! We premièred (topical joke: TIFF is in town this week) what we’re imaginatively calling our 360 workout: 360 reps of a variety of different exercises, with 30 minutes to get through as many as you can. As I said at the start of the workout, We weren’t expecting people to finish, we wanted people to see how hard they could push themselves. That was like a red rag to a bull: Jane was off across the field to hit the hill before I even finished talking, with KC, Michelle and Jen hot on her heels. Those girls are FIERCE. They also showed me that 360 isn’t going to be enough for long: with better planning of the hill repeats, more than one person would have finished the workout. Who knew workouts required strategic thinking? Not me: I left all ten of the hills until the end. Not a wise move.

No time for the group photo: Jane has sit ups to do.

But bug bites and poor strategy aside, it was a hit. Don’t throw out your tracking sheets yet – I’ll set up a Google doc this weekend, and you can log your achievements and have a target for next time. Yep, we’re doing this one again sometime.

So yeah, today was fun. We got wet, we got dirty, we got eaten, and we got stronger. Enjoy your weekend!


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