Team Terrence visits NP_BAL

There are a lot of things we could  say about this morning but I feel like talking too much might ruin that moment in time.  So instead i’m going to just briefly mention an idea that we frequently throw around, this idea of #justshowup. We say this all the time as a sort of joke but when it comes down to it, the only real way to experience our morning or the fantastic people in it was to have been there.


If you were there this morning you know what went down. An awesome athlete named Terrence showed up and won us all over with a flurry of fist bumps and  his unbelievable energy.  There was nothing particularly out of the ordinary about our morning, the hill was the same, the workout was mostly the same, the coffee after was the same, the only really different thing was Terrence. Yet, I can’t explain in words the way the energy flowed or how enthusiastic our tribe was this morning. You had to be there, you had to #justshowup.

Now i’m not scolding you in any way if you weren’t there. Things happen, life happens and you can’t be at every moment all the time. That’s impossible, that’s Hermoine Granger time turner stuff. I’m mostly just saying this as a reminder to all of us, that if Terrence can “justshowup” and beat me at my own high energy game, then anyone can.

I’m not just talking about NP here, i’m talking about everything. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it a million times. The best way to live life is by showing up. You have to experience the best things in life first hand, there is no youtube video, podcast, tumblr page or instagram feed that can replicate it for you. Think about the most important moments of your life and then imagine what your life would be like if you had stayed in and never met that guy/girl at that dumb frat party you didn’t want to go to anyway.   Terrence showed up and ate hills for breakfast with the tribe. Take some inspiration from that, we promise there is little you cannot do if you simply start by showing up.


If you didn’t get to meet Terrence this morning, don’t worry, there will be other opportunities to be as inspired as we are. Check out Athletes Serving Athletes here to learn more about Terrence and other athletes like him. Go ahead, take a leap, join them for a run and let’s continue to expand our respective communities. Thank you to all of the ASA folks that came out this morning, ran with Terrence and became a part of our group. Terrence is now part of our tribe, and we are a part of his. 

Much Baltimore Love.

As always, Take Big Bites out of Life



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3 Replies to “Team Terrence visits NP_BAL”

    1. Hey Katrina.
      On Fridays we meet at the corner of S.linwood and East Baltimore. You can also meet us tomorrow morning, 6:30 am at Rash Field!

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