Meadows of Silver Lakes (LAX)

Sometimes it’s nice to run around in a field. What’s even better than that is running around in a field while also doing burpees, leg throws, and hill repeats as the sun rises with a bunch of people that are super hyped to be there with you.


I’ve recently been in awe of how easy it is for these people to take something that is not easy, something that by all means would normally be enjoyed by someone we would consider clinically insane, and having a fucking blast with it. I saw smiles as bodies hit the grass for burpees. I heard laughter and saw hugs from people literally MEETING FOR THE FIRST TIME before going into partner leg throws. I saw people encouraging those going up the hill while they were on their own way back down – a reminder that they would reach the top soon themselves.


We say this a lot, but the tribe was so strong today. The tribe was strong because of how effortlessly everyone came together and made that silent pact to work hard, lift others up, and have a great time while doing it.

And now that we’re here? Nothing can stop us. Nothing will.



This Wednesday is YEARBOOK PHOTOS! Rock that #grassrootsgear and get ready for the question of a lifetime.


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