“Are your legs tired?”  “Cuz you’ve been running through my mind all day!”



This morning the tribe got down, got dirty, and got some digits!

So what did we get into, let’s break it down.  Picture a telephone, more specifically, picture the dial pad, you know, 1-9 with a 0 at the bottom.  Now picture the 4-tiered overflow parking lot of the Hollywood Bowl, each tier connected by a steep hill on either side.  That’s 4 rows of parking (2 steep ass hills), 4 rows of numbers, 1-3 up top, then 4-6, followed by 7-9, and 0 right down at the bottom by the insane traffic that engulfs Highland Ave. every morning.



We started the workout writing down our phone numbers and tossing them into a hat.  Everyone then drew a number, this number being a set of instructions for the morning’s workout.  “So what do we do with the numbers?”  An orange cone in its appropriate place on the dial pad, 0-9, marked each number.  And each number represented a specific exercise to be performed, taking laps around the “dial pad” each time a “-“ appeared (3 whopping laps!).  Knock one number out, then run to the next!  Numbers were as follows:

1-    Burpees

2-    Forward Lunges

3-    Push Ups

4-    WATER GUN (grab a gun and get to shootin!  Seek out at least 3 victims!)

5-    Bear Crawls

6-    Speed Dial (high-tail it back to “1”, that’s right, more burpees! 😉

7-    Leg Lifts

8-    Dragon Push Ups

9-    Inch Worms

0- SQUAT JUMPS (don’t stop jumpin ‘til you get a car to honk!)

So in effect, your drawn number determined your fate; each tribe member set off on a path of their own, while still sharing the entire experience with their tribe.



This morning, not a single cheesy pick up line was laid down (except the one up top, couldn’t help myself), and we still all walked away with a number! Take that Tommy Tutone, Jenny’s got nothin’ on NP_LAX!  We had an eager slew of newcomers (some even showed up early, whaaaat?!?) joining us from all across Los Angeles, the City by the Bay, and the Almond Capitol of the World.  Those new, and those seasoned alike all screamed the essence of November Project; the tribe gets it!  Early finishers pushed, paced, and cheered they’re fellow tribesmen to the finish line; those pushing through the rough parts did so with a smile, knowing their fellow tribesmen were there to back them up.  LA understands that unity and community are key; when people get together they feed off one another, they grow, they advance, they create things not possible without collaboration; community is the driving force of humanity, plain and simple.  Walk away from every day with a number, with a new connection, with a positive interaction.  Make a joke on the elevator, smile at the lone runner passing you on the sidewalk, brighten someone’s day the way you would want them to brighten yours.  Be a part of your community, not just a silent observer; there is a place for everyone, find yours!

Dominique, you’re fucking awesome!  We all feed off of your positivity, your cheer, your persistent smile; the tribe is stronger and more alive thanks to your attendance EVERY Wednesday morning.  We love you Dom, you truly deserve the oar, treat it well!



Homework:  You know that number you were running around with all morning, use it!  Send a text, a selfie, give a call, leave a message, something!  Make a new connection, brighten someone’s day!

See you next week, 6:29AM, Hollywood Bowl.



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