The Flat-Lander (MSP)

Yesterday at Mill City Museum was the bomb. Record setting amount of sunshine. It was fucking bright out there… but we persevered. Summer is the best!

The workout itself strayed from MSP’s usual. Instead of crushing hill repeats or stair loops, we kept things on flat land. We kicked it off with a warm-up across the Mississippi River where everyone touched the East bank with a finger before heading back. Then we got to business.

5 suicides, killers, wind-sprints… whatever you wanna call them. The ones where you touch the first line, run back, touch the next, run back, and so on. We used the boardwalk in front of the Museum as our track, and started each suicide together. The suicides took 2-3 minutes to sprint, and we ran them on a 5.5 minute interval. The time between finishing your suicide, and starting the next one was filled with planks, push-ups, and box jumps. At about 5 minutes, the crew would regroup at the start line to take on the next sprint. DCIM100MEDIA

This workout was difficult from the very beginning. But waking up this early ain’t worth it otherwise. Sweaty hugs, and a failed group picture followed (sorry folks, the camera was not recording). MSP was full of life at this weeks workout, and we will surely grow into next week and those to follow. So bring your friends, co-workers, families. This is a great time that you can also feel good about for the rest of your day.

Be apart of the movement. Show up to the Mill City Museum next Wednesday. See what the noise is about.



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