Let Me Appeal…(DCA)

We’re bringing back the guest blog. Sure, today was an epic workout, we kicked your asses, we had members from 4 different tribes there (including our Serbian co-founder), and we earned our weekend. We don’t really need to rehash the details. Just know that if you weren’t there, you missed out. Today’s blog post is brought to you by one of our most smiley, hips-in hugging, crazy awesome members. Tribe, meet Ta Mara:

I remember waking up at 0-dark-30 to a balmy (lol) 40° morning in December 2013 and thinking ‘you better take advantage of this nice weather while you can’. For weeks I woke up, looked at the time, looked at the weather (30something degrees, but feels like 20something…ugh), and laid back down. I wasn’t ready.

My first time meeting the group at the bottom of the steps, the theme was to “bring a date”. An exclusionary theme you’d think, except that Danny and Steve had us singles, and newbies, as well as some of the regulars, covered. Create a group of 4 folks you don’t know, introduce yourself while exchanging a #HipsIn hug and do this…run the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (a bazilion times…it really was. I counted). And between reps they’d stop us to do some circuits of push-ups and burpees (<- the devil for sure).



In spite of doing burpees, I had the best time in those 45 minutes while running that 2+ miles as I have ever had during any workout! I was sure I would be back the next week and couldn’t wait to see my then 60 new friends again.

Since that day, I’ve convinced friends, and their friends, and co-workers and visitors to #JustShowUp. I’ve even joined in on a session with #NP_SAC while traveling.




Today, June 4, marks 6 months with my #NP_DC #Tribe , which has swelled to over 200! And increased to 4 sessions held every M/W/F. They are social outside of these regular meet-ups, come together to volunteer and/or cheer at local races, form teams to run races (local and away). I am proud to be a tribesmen and will continue to shout out #FuckYeah as a response to “y’all good?” (Sadly this doesn’t only happen during an NP session. I had some explaining to do during a staff meeting.) It’s all good, maybe we’ll get another person to JustShowUp from my slip.


See y’all next week! Tamara

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