Welcome to the Summer of ’70 (NYC)

First #SummerFriday in the books.  70 gorgeous people were out there doing a CLASSIC deck.  People coming from near and far, running hard off to get there.  The goal: Get NYC off their asses and to Just Show Up! Mission Accomplished? This mission is never over.  This mission is November Project NYC.  Nose goes in NYC.  Some of our tribe members were a little tired from racing the past two nights, but does that stop us? FUCK NO.  Came out strong and rocked the 100/100 deck.  I mean really, who skips the first Destination Deck workout EVER in NYC? Those that missed, sorry you couldn’t be there.

The workout was great, but the homework this week is 10X more important.  As we talked about, this article came out yesterday.  So the mayor, “promises he will be seeking a new place to work out alongside ordinary New Yorkers.” Well Mr. Mayor, do we have the perfect spot for you.  So, starting today we are doing an all out social media bonanza at the Mayor to get him to Just Show Up.

– Tweets should contain: @BilldeBlasio #JustShowUpBill  6:28 am Wednesday Location Link
– Facebook should contain:  Tag this Facebook Page in the post #JustShowUpBill  6:28 am Wednesday Location Link
– Instagram (include pics from Gracie Mansion Workouts):  @BilldeBlasio #JustShowUpBill  6:28 am Wednesday Location Link

Your fearless leaders will be in DC this weekend taking on the leaders of DCA, BLT, and BOS in an epic relay that will rival UNC-Duke, Yankees-Red Sox, Magic-Byrd, Roses-Carnations.

Let the flood gates open.  Oh, and #weekendearned yall.

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