100/100 (MKE)

Today at NP MKE we borrowed from the Boston workout arsenal and lost our 100/100 virginity. For those of you unfamiliar with the 100/100 workout, it’s simple: 100 push-ups and 100 throw downs. The tribe pushed up and threw down until they threw up and stayed down (see picture). Not once did they complain, not once did they give up.

Since NP Madison decided to “borrow” a few NP MKE faithfuls for the summer, we’ve decided to keep Steven Fons (NP Madison devotee) as ransom. We will return him in exchange for our people or girl Schwabe. Your choice, PB and TG.

Finally, you’ve asked for it, and we’ve delivered (kind of). If, and only if, we have 100 people at a single workout by July 2nd, we will start FRIDAY WORKOUTS. So start recruiting. Your hair stylist. Your dentist. Your cousin’s uncle (your dad?). Anybody and everybody. Don’t be selfish, this shit is for EVERYONE!


(el chico)Schwabe




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