30 exercises

30 exercises. You had 30 chances to complete 30 different, core-stabilizing, posterior chain building, calf defining and lung burning movements all while smiling. I mean you only really do this because it’s fun right?

here are some of what we think are our top 10 reasons why you keep showing up:

  1. bagels and coffee
  2. the people
  3. sunrises
  4. the hugs and high-fives
  5. PR day
  6. accountability #accountabilibuddy
  7. being outside
  8. to get stronger mentally, physically and emotionally
  9. because you showed up last week and couldn’t sleep for the next 6 nights
  10. #FOMO

You could also say you had 30 chances to hit that restart button after each minute had gone by. You were given a clean slate to start fresh with what some would consider a more challenging movement than the previous one.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


1.Next Wednesday, June 26th we are hosting our Canada Day Workout 6:29am at the Supreme Court of Canada, wear all the Canadian gear.

2. TAG your friends in the yearbook photos, see our album on facebook

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