Nice work this morning, tribe! We had such a strong group, out there, busting ass, and really getting STRONG.

Speaking of BUFF, here’s the latest and greatest on our next order of buffs! As always, please direct all questions to Nadim if you have any questions. But read this list of FAQs first.

What color are the buffs?

The colors can really range between anywhere on the color spectrum. It’s arbitrarily determined by Nadim Chin, long-time co-leader of November Project Canada (Edmonton) and his mysterious designer. 

What will the design look like?

This/next year’s design will look like something we have no idea what it will look like. When buffs are announced, Nadim Chin, long-time co-leader of November Project Canada (Edmonton) and his mysterious designer engage in a 14-month-long design process, which includes multiple rounds of rigorous review where they will be exploring a number of typefaces, a broad lexicon of frequently used November Project words, and various styles of illustration, which will definitely, potentially be incorporated into the designs. But possibly, not likely.

When will they arrive?

Delivery time ranges between 1-3 months. Sorry, years. No idea why we said months.

I want to give the gift of BUFF to friends and family over the holidays. Will we get them in time?


Sounds incredible! I’m in. How do I order one?

This year, we’ll be pre-ordering 200 buffs. Once we receive them in 2021, you’ll only be able to purchase them IN PERSON AT A NOVEMBER PROJECT SAN DIEGO WORKOUT.

How much, and how do you take payment?

With all markups, tax, licensing, handling fees included, $5. We will accept cash, venmo, and paypal ONLY during the time of transaction. No pre-orders!

Ok, but I REALLY want one and don’t know when I’ll be able to make another workout. Can I pre-pay you to guarantee I get one?

All jokes aside, NP Buffs are a long-standing tradition started by our good friend, Nadim from Edmonton. They’re an incredibly fashionable way to stay warm, fly your NP colors, and look creepy as hell at your next workout or race – just apply over your entire head!

We usually get buffs within a few months, and they fly FAST, so be ready with a 5-spot as soon as we announce their arrival!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to direct all of them to Dan Graham of November Project Milwaukee.

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