Level Up (YWG)

Wisconsin Notes:

  • PR Day in the Cement Castle
  • NP Christmas Curling Party 
  • The Great Skate is coming..
  • Positivity Award

The past few Wednesday’s have been a bit of a battle for me- I keep telling myself that I’m not actually sick and to keep moving and going with what ever I have going on, because I don’t want to let the little barriers or excuses slow me down. So I want to thank you all for each and every Wednesday that you are there bright and early with your warm hugs, hi5’s, smiles and loud voices, because I know that no matter what, my day will be better by showing up.

This morning was a cool/warm morning. I heard some people mention that they dressed too warm and had to start peeling off layers because they were so hot and steamy! This is to be expected for the next couple of months, so remember, if you peel off layers, retrieve your belongings.

Last Wednesday’s of the month means that GreenSally joins us for a little pushup challenge before we crush PR day in the Cement Parkade Castle. Sally is tough, and so are you – so practice those pushups a little everyday, it will get easier! We’d love to see a few more of you still standing ..I mean pushup-ing.. until the end of the song! 

December 15th is the day of our Christmas party. Click HERE to go to the FaceBook Page for more details about the event.

Book in your schedules/agendas/calendars that February 3rd is The Great Skate. We will have more details and information coming up in the next little bit! START GETTING HYPED UP BECAUSE WE’RE SO EXCITED!

This week, we gave the positivity award to Geneviève (and her dog, Spike). Gen shows up twice a week and gives it her all! She challenges herself to be better each and every time and her energy and spirit is contagious! Gen, you really do represent this tribe and what it’s all about! Nous sommes si heureux, content et fière que tu continue à venir chaque semaine avec nous et que tu apportes telllement d’énergie. Tu mérite ce prix de positivité à cause tu es impressionante et incroyable! Continue tous ce que tu fais et ne change pas!

That’s all I got for you folks!

-Bilingual Dom♥

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