The effects of being around others (Ottawa)

If you were working out by yourself, would you have stopped after the first song? Would you have held that plank as long as you did during cha-cha slide? Would you have done that extra pushup when Sally told you come up?

The effects of being around others goes beyond just showing up. First, it’s knowing others are going to be there when you show up- that gets you out of bed. Second, it’s knowing that others are going to hold you to a higher standard- that keeps you pushing a little harder. Third, it’s knowing that being around other positive people is going to start the first hour of your day the right way- that keeps you spreading positivity into your world for the rest of the day. 

Finally, one effect that you may not realize is the effect YOU have on others. You may not know the smile, hug or good morning you gave out this morning was one that is carrying someone else through their day. You may not realize that the brief encouragement you provided, or the example you set by hanging on, or pushing hard, was what someone else needed to hear, or see, to keep them pushing through some tough moments. 

Though we tell you to #justshowup, and that is all we ask, know that you give more, perhaps even more than you realize. Know that your presence and that showing up means a lot. So thank you for sharing your morning, your energy and your time with us. This November Project thing is a little more than just a workout. 

Here’s to bringing “soles” together 

Liz and Lauren

  1. Tomorrow- NP SOCIAL- meet at 5:30pm at Parliament Hill for Christmas lighting, we are running to the Museum of History. If you can’t make it at 5:30- meet at the Museum
  2. Next week- Parliament Hill 
  3. Read a blog from another city ! 
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