2015 YearbookPhotos (VB)

Today wasn’t confusing at all. We were separated in three groups then into groups of three then split up again. But it was all part of the plan.. We worked together and learned how to run not only on pavement but on the grass too. We learned our partners favorite flavor.. of ice cream. We learned that Katie takes awesome NP YearbookPhotos – Thanks Katie!!


Moving into the weekend of #RnRVB — I know most of you have trained hard and this is going to be our biggest race of the year in which SO many of us NP_VB our actually running. SO, race your heart out and cheer your face off.

Remember: 1000AM Saturday – Tagging #grassrootsgear in the parking lot of the convention center and then we will all go in for our check-in / bibs. Please bring a can of Flat Black spray paint if you can. I am running out. Also.. winter is coming – start bringing warm clothes for tagging (#planningahead)

RaceDay: Sunday – we will meet somewhere around 630AM for a group photo. Check social media for location.

You are all beautiful people. Enjoy the yearbook photos and Thank Katie!

Love Red

PS the stair pic came out sideways. Deal with it.


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