NP Talent Show (YEG)

Well, that was quite the morning. I don’t know if it is even possible to recap what happened this morning. It was definitely a “had to be there” kind of morning. For those who got up on stage (or played the piano not on the stage), I’m throwing some mad respect your way. If you didn’t get on stage and only managed to rub Ghandi’s head today, you’ll have to wait for next year. Jen has already said she will have a talent to end all talents at the next one because she didn’t have anything today. Oh, and if you’re new, and show off your talent? Well, it doesn’t get much better than that.


Find the Good,



Wednesday September 2:

  1. Ol’ 96er. This is completing the lower bowl AND the upper bowl. If you plan on trying to finish the Ol’ 96er, you need to be at the stadium for 5:30am. Bring a light if you’re scared of monsters or if you’re not a cat. #safetythird. You will have slightly under an hour to complete. Only 3 people have ever completed it.
  2. Not the Ol’96er. If you don’t want to try the Ol’96er, show up at the regular time for a workout that is just as badass, and probably more fun.

Friday September 4 – 7PM
Race the Maze 2.0. Please sign up so we have an idea as to how many people will be there. There will be a charge to get into the maze, but the race is free. More details on that to come. As usual, all ages and all skill levels are welcome.

Monday September 7 – Destination Station
Plan to have a workout that will last between 60 and 90 minutes. 30 minutes will not be enough time for what we’re going to do.

Wednesday September 9 – Yearbook Photos
Get working on your best kid smile.

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