2 Years. 200 Workouts. 2-0-0 Red Balloons. (NYC)

Guest Blogger: Sara Beaney
As I boarded the 5 a.m. train from Rye into Manhattan on Wednesday morning, I was clutching three 4-foot red balloons. The friendly, portly conductor looked at me puzzled. I knew what he was thinking: “Is she on her way home or on her way out?”
“Excuse me, madam, but do those balloons say 200?” he asked.
“YES! They do.” I was beaming.
“And do you mind me asking you what you are doing with those?” He still looked really confused.
And so I told him all about November Project, our NYC tribe, our 2nd birthday, and our 200th workout.
“Wow, 200 workouts!” he said, looking me up and down. “That’s impressive.”
I spent the majority of the train ride scrolling through Instagram and reminiscing about all of my favorite NP moments. There simply wasn’t just one moment I could single out as my favorite, so I’d like to share, well, a few favorite moments here:
  • The first moment. Everyone remembers their first time, right? We made a dopey pyramid (which I take full responsibility for suggesting). What was I thinking? It was so “off brand.” I can’t believe Brogan and Bojan let us become a real tribe after that.


  • The moment captured before one of our first group shots as an official tribe. The smiles, the desaturated color, the happiness.
  • The special, intimate moments I’ve shared and captured with people when I’m behind the camera, especially taking yearbook photos.


  • The moments in races when you see (and hear!) the infamous NP cheer station. These race moments fly fast through my mind, as I replay Captain Myles’ race strategy in my head, as I take on the Fifth Avenue Mile, as I “sprint through the finish” of every race I run.


  • The moments I take K-Shea’s #phototakingphoto in her absence.


  • The moment I hugged Emily and said to her, “I hug you like I hug my children. I never want to let go.” She’s the daughter I never had, the sister I never had, and the badass, sassy running friend I love to have.


  • The moment we went body sledding in the snow on our Upper West Side hill and had to create a human rescue chain for John Massey.


  • The moment we had elimination sprints at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, with Matt Powers behind the lens.


  • The moment we raced our first Sunrise 6K in negative degree digits.
  • The moment you hear that two tribe members you are really fond of are finally a couple.
  • The moment #belikebeaney first showed up in my social channels. Wow. [Editor’s note: We’ve also seen #beaneyknowsbest and #photobomblikebeaney, too.]



Now back to the balloons! I successfully navigated them off the train and out of Grand Central (the low ceiling was NOT ideal) and into a cab to the workout. The cold air was making them deflate. Shit.
I just wanted to get there so the 5:30 group could use them in their group photo. I ran up the stairs, feeling like a kid, and handed the balloons to three people in the back row. Made it! #RACEEVERYTHING
As the 6:30 group gathered, there was a sea of smiling, happy faces, a tribe of bright, young things, and hugs, hugs, hugs! The bounce was about to begin.
“Beaney, come into the center,” John said. Paul then gave me the nod.
“What do I do?!” The look of horror and dismay on Paul’s face was priceless. Got him. Now that’s my #1 #NPFavMoment!
“AS IF I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! LET’S GET A LITTLE BOUNCE!” And so we did. We bounced so high. There was so much energy, it felt like we were 200 bouncing balloons. I looked up and there they were, our 2-0-0 red balloons bouncing so majestically and celebrating right there above us.
This morning, I boarded my regular 5 a.m. train again.
“Good morning, madam,” the portly conductor said. “No balloons today?”
I gestured him over and showed him the pictures from our Wednesday workout.
“Wow, so many people,” he said.
As all of you know, there’s only one response I had for him.
“You know, one day you really should #justshowup, too.”
November Project NYC, two years and 200 workouts later, is so much a part of my life and who and what I am today. It empowers me to push myself outside my comfort zone in all aspects of my life. I’ve met people and made friends I never would have otherwise. I am so proud of John and Paul and what they have done and continue to do for all of us.
Two years and 200 workouts later, being with them, their energy and creativity, is where all my favorite NP moments are made.
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