Public Service Announcement: Pooches (SF)


Over the last few months the growing popularity of bringing dogs to workouts has also increased the concern of tribesmen with possible run-ins with the pups. The excited dogs knock into peoples legs while running and occasionally cut people off mid stride, which can be very dangerous. We DO NOT want to ban dogs from coming to the workouts. But we feel there has to be some ground rules put into place to please both the runners and the dog owners. Going forward, if you are to bring your dog to a workout we ask they are ALWAYS on a leash. If we are in Fort Mason or Alta Plaza, please leave them up at the landing with injury gang while you complete the workout around the park. Single track trail workouts on Friday are not great places to run with your dog (and 50 other people) so please understand that Fridays we will most likely ask you to keep the dog at the top of the hill with the leaders while you run. Plenty of miles can be run with your dog before or after the workout, so please respect your fellow tribesmen so they can safely get their sweat on.

We love you all. Even the four legged tribesmen. Even Paddy.

This morning’s workout was ah-mazing. I really love when it gets dark again so I don’t have to look at all your ugly faces during the bounce. Now, enjoy your Monday and this short film, circa 2013.


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