Straight Talk (DEN)


  • Hills were run with the enthusiasm of 1000 tiny children at a cotton candy stand in Disneyland only to turn around and be surprised by free puppies.  Yeah, that much.
  • Despite the 30 foot tall milk jug in our background, no ice cream was eaten.  We take a lactose-free approach to our workouts.  Mostly because we’re not typically in the immediate proximity of a toilet or almond milk.
  • Future workouts to be considered near dairy sections with bathrooms.  Stay tuned.


  • This morning’s workout was what we call a character builder.  It’s like that chore you hated to do growing up, or eating your least favorite vegetable.  You don’t always want to do it, but you’re doing it anyway, and it’s probably better for you than you think it is.  I still can’t figure out how dusting my mom’s porcelain figurines made me a better person, but I’m sure I’m missing the point.  The same can be said for our burnouts at the end.  Eat your damn broccoli!
  • Some of our newbies are becoming less new and more regular.  As some old-timey cat in a pinstripe suit might say, “That’s the rub!”  Recruiting is the lifeblood of this community and you guys are killing it lately!  Don’t slow down!  Someone else will love this bounding band of yahoos just as much as you do!
  • As it gets warmer and we continue to grow our weird little community, remember why you came back.  You probably heard about us from a friend or your MySpace account and decided to try us on for size to see who you could add to your top 8.  What made you come back?  Remember that.  Hold onto it and carry it with you.  That’s the coal that makes this love train roll, so don’t lose that fire!


Major Wood

615 wrecking crew
615 wrecking crew


Wednesday @ Civic Center Amphitheater 530/615


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