10 to 1 (PHL)

Odds are, on the mornings we roll out of our cozy beds and hit an NP workout, we have a better day. That’s not to say that folks who aren’t there don’t have great days too. Ours are just a bit better, because we begin them together.

Today we lost our minds – up in here! up in here! Then we broke a water bottle (oops). After all that excitement we split everyone up into teams of two. Goal: find someone with a similar pace that you will spend the entire workout with. Push them, let them push you, heck make them push you!
We ran a different sort of ladder workout today – Run up The Steps, stop – 10 partner push-ups and 1 burpee. Run to the front of The Art Museum and back to the top of The Steps, stop – 9 partner push-ups and 2 burpees. Run down The Steps and back up for 8 partner push-ups and 3 burpees. You get the pattern here.. Push each other. Rely on each other. Get to know one another. Get fit!! We continued this circuit for 50 mins.

We BOOM’d four birthday friends. Hugged quite a few traverbal-ers! And a great sweaty time was had by all!IMG_8808

By way of ANNOUNCEMENTS: We’re heading up The ODDyessy Half Marathon Relay Transition Zone & Finisher Party! On June 12th. We need volunteers to join us for a crazy fun morning full of running and funning and cheering and of course giving back to this community that gives all of us so much! RSVP via the link and invite your friends to join!

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