#BAL1, Books, and Breakfast Burritos (BAL)

Another month, another #BAL1 in the books!

While Nick was busy prancing around striking poses for his Lululemon photo shoot, you all put your heads down and went to work. #BAL1 is proving to be a beast of a workout, yet none of you are afraid to hop in the ring and work your tails off to tame her.


Shaun Alder was “Most Improved” at the 5:30 workout, and Kay crushed his performance from last month to take home the NP Book at the 6:30 workout. Shaun, we’re still working with corporate to determine if being hungover is a legitimate excuse for why you did so poorly last time; regardless, way to go to work today. I’m convinced Kay would be at the front of the pack week in and week out if he didn’t have ten pounds’ worth of dreads, so your performance is all the more impressive.


We’re getting to that time of the year; the time when legs start making an appearance, when shirts come off before the workout even starts, when the sun is already rising as the 5:30 group is bouncing. This is when November Project hits its stride. Keep hanging out with us every Wednesday and Friday morning, and #RECRUITEVERYONE. Your friends can no longer use the weather as an excuse (unless they’re now saying “ew it’s too hot and sweaty!” We just can’t win with those types). We have some exciting things coming your way this summer, and we firmly believe that there is no better time to socialize than at 6:30 in the morning drenched in your own sweat and the sweet sweat of your best friends, shared with a hug.

Lots of sweat being exchanged here.
Lots of sweat being exchanged here.

Something something bites out of life,


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