Racecars and PR’s (IND)

Racecars and PR’s

It’s RACE WEEK IN INDY!!!  And Indianapolis is all aflutter as we gear up for the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday.  The tribe earned their Memorial Day weekend by throwing down some real hot laps on our own race day.  The War Memorial resembled the Snake Pit (with slightly less puke), as many of the tribe donned their “Indy 500 best” which included some of the finest jorts, American Flag tanks, Dream Team jersey’s, trucker hats and cut-offs this side of 16th street.

The course: The usual race day – Up-and-overs with 50 sit-ups, push-ups, mountain climbers and 25 burpees scattered in between.

The field:  Strong, badass, sexy, and FAST

The Notes:

  • I always love to see the faces of newbies whose first NP workout is race day. It is a mixture of “What the FUCK was that?”, “Fuck You”, and “You fuckers do this every week?”.  To which my facial expressions respond (in order) “That was YOU proving you’re a #badass”, “Thanks, I get that a lot”, and “No, not every week, well sort of but not really….just come back every week for eternity to find out.”   We are very good with non-verbal communication here.
  • When we have a themed workout, I often forget what I am wearing when I return back to the real world. Quote of the day comes from a friend of mine who saw me walking back to my office from breakfast club wearing daisy dukes, a bright-blue (tagged) bro-tank, a trucker hat, and checkered flag sunglasses and simply said “got a court date?”.
  • Thomas (T-Hale) is a certified tagging boss – not only did he come through tagging shirts BOTH workouts, but they were on point! With that type of precision, I may have him tag my first born child.  Big thanks to Thomas and David for manning paint crew today and thanks to Jaden for being the photog.  Teamwork is making this dreamwork!

DSC_0225 (1)

June has some BIG THINGS happening.  Stay tuned, updates will come when plans are finalized but there is some legit shit about to go down.  Great job to everybody who started their engines with us this morning.  Have an amazing holiday weekend.  Hope to see some of you at the track and I better see all of you next Wednesday!

Much love

Racecar spelled backwards is racecar,


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